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Universal software «Etalon_AV» intended for reading and processing of data from the controllers of management stations series of "Etalon", as well as a TMC Etalon.




Through the USB flash drive is read event log, which contains information about the current status and parameters of work of the station. With the help of software «Etalon_AV» on the screen of a computer monitor viewing the current status and settings in chronological order:

• the date and time records;
• information on the management station and the well;
• currents and their imbalance;
• the supply voltage in three phases;
• the current output frequency (for control stations frequency converter);
• power factor;
• download PAD;
• frequency of rotation of the turbine;
• voltage of DC Udc (for control stations frequency converter);
• output voltage (for control stations frequency converter);
• full and active power load control stations;
• the signal value of the additional analogue input;
• the temperature of the cooler parts of the inverter, as well as the temperature of the output of the sinus filter (for control stations frequency converter);
• pressure of the pump intake, temperature PAD, vibration along three axes;
• data on enabling and disabling control stations with indication of the reasons for;
• data on the interruption and resumption of the supply voltage;
• data on changes of settings, the old and the new value of the parameter;
• instantaneous values of currents and voltages at the moment preceding the disabling of the control station of the accident;




Software «Etalon_AV» allows the formation of a graphic report translation of the information in JPEG, and in the text form, export data to MS Excel.


Download «Etalon_AV_6.8.8»

Download «ETALON setup ver.1.3.rev10»

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